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The health status of the population and the epidemiological profile is largely a consequence of the level of socioeconomic development and is a factor that determines their growth rate. The challenges in this area are due to the poor knowledge of the population about determinants of health status, as well as the reduced use of health services by the community and limited access to these services.

Main objectives

  • Establish and consolidate the population research area

  • Generate evidence on the main causes of death in Mozambique

  • Generate knowledge about perceptions of health and disease

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Hermínio Cossa 


Herminio Cossa holds a PhD in Environmental Epidemiology with a research focus on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of large infrastructure development projects from the University of Basel and the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Switzerland). Dr Cossa is a researcher at the Manhiça Health Research Centre, focusing on the Health Impact Assessment of large infrastructure projects, natural phenomena, the behaviour of population groups, and community and institutional public health interventions.

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  • ABACUS II. Assess how the identification of oral antibiotics impacts the proper use of antibiotics in communities in low- and middle-income countries


  • CaDMY. Validation of the minimally invasive tissue sampling (MITS) tool for the cause of death investigation in young children and development of a training and research center for post-mortem investigations

  • CADMIY PLUS. Continued validation of the minimally invasive tissue sampling for the cause of death investigation in young children and development of a training and research center for post-mortem investigations

  • Sucks-Blood. Socio-anthropological assessment of the "sucker-blood" phenomenon in Zambezia province: a qualitative study

  • COVID-DEMO-SOC. Population mobility, social distance and hygiene practices: analysis of perceptions, levels of compliance and practical aspects of proposed measures to contain Covid-19 in rural areas of southern Mozambique

  • COVIVAC. (Community involvement) - Key informant consultation regarding a possible Phase III trial of COVID-19 vaccine in Manhiça

  • EARTH-SBS. Study of attitudes and experiences of parents or primary caregivers of HIV-infected children

  • FEAD Anthropometric data collection in Mozambican infants and children: Evaluation of an improved Middle Upper Arm Cirumference (MUAC) tape, and piloting Near Infrared (NIR) technology to accurately assess nutritional status

  • GLOBAL MIX. Comprehensive Profiling of Social Mixing Patterns in Resource Poor Countries

  • HIA4SD. Health impact assessment for the involvement of natural resource extraction projects in sustainable development in producing regions - policy and governance component

  • MOZCOVID. COVID-19 surveillance in rural Mozambique for a quick and effective response.


  • PREG-MULTIDRUG. Perceptions and behavior related to the taking of various medications by HIV-infected pregnant women

  • SAVE.

  • STOOL 4TB SBS. Evaluation of a new technique based on stool qPCR for the diagnosis of tuberculosis in children and people living with HIV.

  • TIPTOP COST. Cost-effectiveness of Community Administration of Intermittent Preventive Treatment of Malaria in Pregnancy.

  • TIP TOP SOC. Assessment of the acceptability of the TIP-SP community administration

Other ongoing projects





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