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Malaria represents one of the main Public Health problems with greater weight in morbidity and mortality, in the world and in Mozambique in particular. According to the WHO, it is estimated that in 2018 about 228 million cases of malaria and 405 thousand deaths were estimated globally; of these cases, 93% (213 million) occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. Mozambique is one of the ten countries with the highest weight of malaria in the world, with the disease being responsible for about 29% of all deaths (42% in children under 5 years old). Data from the survey of malaria indicators carried out in 2018, indicate that the prevalence of malaria in children under 5 years old was 39% in Mozambique, ranging from 1% in the City and Province of Maputo to 57% in the province of Cabo Delgado.


The investment in research for malaria has been increasing with the relaunch of the objective of eliminating malaria through the global technical strategy for malaria launched in 2015 by WHO; as well as the most recent initiative, also by WHO, called “High Burden High Impact” (HBHI) launched in Maputo in November 2018 which aims to accelerate malaria control measures in 10 African countries plus India. These countries, including Mozambique, contribute more than 70% of the global weight of malaria. Both strategies mentioned above have research as an essential pillar to guide the implementation of activities based on scientific evidence.

The history of CISM is associated with the RTS,S malaria vaccine development initiative, which contributed to the development of human and institutional capacity for research in this area.

The tools currently available are still insufficient to achieve effective malaria control. In addition to the question of the parasite's resistance to antimalarial medication and the vector to insecticides, these tools are not fully effective, and there is a need to continue working on the development of new control tools (prevention and treatment) and/or elimination of malaria.

Main objectives

  • Design and implement innovative strategies for the control and/or elimination of malaria at different levels of transmission in Mozambique

  • Understand the pathophysiological and immunological mechanisms of malaria, including the identification of critical pathogenic events in parasite sequestration and resistance to antimalarial medication

  • Participate in clinical trials of drugs and vaccines against malaria

  • Develop entomological intelligence and participate in the development of new tools for vector control

  • Develop implementation research, in accordance with the research agenda of the National Malaria Control Program (attached), which can contribute to guide the implementation of the program in the areas of communication for behavior change, vector control, prevention of malaria in pregnancy and case management.

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Pedro Aide


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His main area of research is malaria, one of the main health problems that mainly affects children and pregnant women, in Mozambique in particular. He has been involved in several malaria-related research projects as a co-principal investigator and investigator, among other studies on malaria prevention and control, including intermittent preventive treatment trials in infants (IPTi) and clinical evaluation of safety, efficacy and immunogenicity of the most advanced malaria vaccine candidate, RTS, S/AS0. He is currently one of the researchers in the PAMAFRICA project in Mozambique.

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  • AGEAL. Age of Exposure and Immunity to Malaria

  • ASYMPTOM. Unraveling disease tolerance and host resistance in afebrile P. falciparum infections: a prospective study in Mozambican adults

  • BOVA/HUT2. Mosquito screening entry points into houses with novel long-lasting insecticidal netting to reduce indoor vector densities and mitigate pyrethroid-resistance

  • COST. Evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of 3rd generation indoor residual spraying as a malaria control strategy

  • CytoMal. Cellular biomarkers of exposure and immunity to malaria

  • GEPI. Genetic Epidemiology of Plasmodium falciparum in southern Mozambique

  • MAL067. Immunological study of the RTS,S malaria vaccine in the phase 3 trial

  • MANICA. Cross Border Malaria Transmission along the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Border

  • MEFI. Molecular markers of Plasmodium falciparum resistance to antimalarials in different regions of Mozambique

  • MIPMON. Pregnant women as sentinel group for malaria surveillance in an area of ​​changing malaria transmission

  • MOSASWA/VIMAG2. Improved Entomological Intelligence in southern Mozambique

  • SEVMAL2. Identification of strain-transcending anti-adhesion targets from virulent Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasites

  • SYSTEM Health Management Information System Baselin Assessment

  • REACT/MDA. Mass Drug Administration of Monthly DHA-PQP Accelerates Towards Malaria Elimination in Magude District, Southern Mozambique (MDA): Reactive Malaria Case Detection and Response to Towards Malaria Elimination in Southern Mozambique​

  • ROSI Rosiglitazone adjunctive therapy for severe malaria in children

  • TRANSECT/DAYTIME. Transect study in Mnahiça district to inform the extent of larval source management at finer scales + day time biting of malaria mosquitoes

  • VECE-IRS. Assessing the efficacy of vector control tools in killing malaria mosquitoes in Magude and Manhiça district

  • XMAG/XMAL. Transverse Malaria Prevalence Studies in Magude (XMAG) and Manhica (XMAL)

  • XMAL_19. Cross-sectional studies to monitor the burden of malaria and impact of different malaria control tools in Manhiça, Mozambique

Other ongoing projects




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