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Training Fellowship Program

Through this program young Mozambicans and Sub-Saharan Africa graduated, with interest and potential to develop a professional career as researcher are trained in the areas of health and other related areas.

The program ensures that participants acquire direct experience in research methodology linking to research projects carried out in the centre and doing post-graduate training, masters and/or doctorate in internationally recognized universities, as well as has the opportunity to perform internships in universities, research centres and international organizations. The program is conducted in collaboration with ISGlobal.

Postdoctoral training

CISM promotes the formation of post-doctoral work in research centres partners to researchers who were Training Fellows and that continue to be part of the Centre’s team.

Internship rotational of students and health professionals

CISM welcomes internship for students, resident doctors and health professionals who have the opportunity to work together with the teams on research projects and health care.

Training of technical staff in the scientific-health field

CISM contributes to the training of technical and professional staff through courses organized by the institution and training of its staff in other institutions. The most frequent types of training are Good Clinical Practice (GCP) including training of trainers, Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP), Implementation Research, development of funding proposals, article writing, Quality Assurance, laboratory techniques, project management , Data management and analysis, quality management, biosafety, among others.

The trainings are extensive for international collaborators from Anglophone, Francophone and Lusophone countries within the scope of collaborations in capacity building projects, some of which are the center and a satellite center of reference for the World Health Organization.




Teresa Machai Macete

Training Officer

Teresa has a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona Spain, Degree in Agronomic Engineering from Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM). Since 2008 he has been responsible for training at CISM. He is currently Co-Chair of the Global Health Programs Advisory Services Subcommittee within the US-based University Consortium in Global Health _CUGH, Member of the International Education and Training Subcommittee of the University in Global Health Consortium (CUGH), Coordinator of the PAMAFRICA project , a research consortium led by Medicines for Malaria Venture, South Africa Centers of Excellence Project Manager, trainer of trainers in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) and trainer in Implementation Research.



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