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The CISM fosters and conducts biomedical research in priority health areas, focussing on diseases that cause most deaths in the world, especially in developing countries. It generates scientific evidence to influence creating and updating health policy in Mozambique and the world, and creates scientific leaders not only to sustain the Centre and to develop research capacity in Mozambique but also to drive development in the country’s health sector.


Through its research activities in the health area, the Center intends to contribute to the improvement of the population's health, in a context in which limited access to electricity and drinking water, poor sanitation, reduced access to quality health services and gender inequities, especially limited access to education, particularly for women, influence poverty.


CISM's strategic commitment axes align with national priorities, which presents an epidemiological profile used mainly by infectious and communicable diseases, in particular malaria, diarrhea, HIV/AIDS, respiratory diseases and tuberculosis, including situations imposed by health emergencies.

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