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The core objective of the department is to provide technical-scientific support for research activities and contribute to the clinical care of patients in collaboration with the Manhiça District Hospital. To address these needs, the laboratory has areas of processing of samples, namely, Clinical Analyses Unit (Parasitology, Haematology and Biochemistry), Microbiology (General Bacteriology and TB), Immunology, Molecular Biology and Entomology.


The laboratory operates in accordance with International Quality Standards (ISO 15189) and Good Clinical and Laboratory Practices (GCP and GCLP), which allows to maintain  and improve the quality levels.




Chenjerai Jairoce

Responsible for the Laboratory

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Chenjerai Jairoce has a bachelor's (Hons) in Veterinary Medicine and a master's degree in Immunity and Infection, and he is a PhD candidate in Medicine and Translational Research. He joined CISM in 2010 as a senior laboratory technician in the immunology laboratory. He has extensive experience in scientific health research with an interest in immunity and infection, focusing on Malaria, HIV and COVID-19. In May 2023, he assumed the role of Laboratory Manager with the central role of ensuring the efficient management of financial, material and human resources and ensuring compliance with good clinical practices (GCP), good clinical and laboratory practices (GCLP), ISO 15189 standard and biosecurity procedures.


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